Friday, September 12, 2008

Living on Mission

We often think of being on "mission" as something missionaries do when they go to a foreign country. However, we are all on mission - wherever we happen to be at a given point in time. There are always people around us who need Christ, and in the natural flow of walking with God and seeing Him work in us is to want that for others. As we experience the healing touch of Christ, we begin to long for others to experience it as well. Not from a prideful place of thinking that we have it figured out, but from a humble holding on to Christ and desiring that for others.

This is really where our hearts go if they are free. And, yet - thinking of sharing the glorious truth of the gospel with others is often fearful, duty-laden kind of stuff. It doesn't sound like fun - it sounds like something other people do ... and we don't want to be thought of as "one of those people" - one of those religious fanatics standing on the street corner yelling at people.

So, is there a way to live on mission and share the gospel with others freely? naturally? passionately?

This fall - we want to explore these issues and encourage one another on this "My Take" blog. So, what is your take? What are your thoughts?

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