Wednesday, January 16, 2008


By Jenifer Wueste

When I read the Gospel accounts of Jesus and His disciples I am often comforted and encouraged. Not only by the truth and life-giving teachings of Jesus, but also by the lives of the disciples. I see raw, honest, real-life in those twelve men. Many times they were confused by what Jesus was saying and doing, or why he was doing it. I can relate to that! Jesus did not choose his twelve disciples because they “had it all together” or “knew it all.” They were not the smartest, most savvy, or most experienced. Jesus chose them because of their faith. He simply said to each of them, “Follow me.” That was the only condition. Not: study this, know these concepts, or get that part of your life together first. Just, “Follow me.” That is the only thing Jesus asks of me today, to simply follow Him. In the midst of my pain, brokenness, failure, immaturity, and all - follow Him.

Being grace-filled means that I receive the unconditional acceptance that Jesus extends to me, confident that He loves me just as I am, right where I am. He speaks to me in that place and says, “Follow me.” When I receive that unconditional grace from Jesus I am able to extend that same unconditional grace to others. Not making demands or placing conditions on my love and acceptance of others – with no regard to their age, gender, financial status, personality, or choices. Because I have received grace, I can choose to freely give it to others, just as Jesus does. I am comforted that, although I don’t always deserve it, Jesus continues to give grace, and keeps saying to me, “Follow Me.”

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