Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pursuing Rest in God #2

by Ted Wueste

Pursuing Rest in God #2
by Ted Wueste

Here are a few more thoughts on Pursuing God through a STOP DAY or creating STOP moments in your life. The pace of life is generally too much for our souls, and living wisely (in light of that) requires intention. The following ideas come from Richard Swenson in his book Margin.

1. Expect the Unexpected. Nearly everything takes longer than expected - add an extra 20 percent time margin to your scheduled activities.
2. Learn to say no.
3. Turn off the television.
4. Prune the activity branches.
5. Separate time from technology. Try disconnecting from clocks, watches, alarms, cellphones, email for a day.
6. Schedule "free time" into your week.

For more details on these suggestions, pick up a copy of Swenson's book - pages 155-161

What has helped you pursue rest?

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MoziEsmé said...

Great ideas! Especially scheduling extra time for the unexpected - that is so often a downfall of mine . . . And if there is downtime as a result - wonderful! More time to focus on what God is saying to me then.